DJ Maxentropy Mashups
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DJ Maxentropy – ‘Let It Jam’
Michael Jackson - 'Jam'
Kevin Rudolf ft. Lil Wayne - 'Let It Rock'
*Included on CultureBully's 2008 Mashed

DJ Maxentropy – ‘The Way We Go’
C + C Music Factory - 'Here We Go (Let's Rock & Roll)'
KC & The Sunshine Band - 'That's The Way (I Like It)'
{Hard Rock Sofa Remix}
*Featured on

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Love for the Five-O’
The Ventures - 'Hawaii Five-O'
Usher - 'Love in this Club'

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Low a Prayer’
Madonna - 'Like a Prayer'
Flo Rida - 'Low'
*Bootie Monthly Top 10 List

*Included on Best OF Bootie 2008 Bonus Tracks

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Elevator Stomp’
Flo Rida ft. Timbaland - 'Elevator'
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 'Can't Stop'
{Featurecast Stomp Remix}

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Drop Like Paralyzer’
Snoop Dogg - 'Drop it Like it's Hot'
Finger Eleven - 'Paralyzer'

DJ Maxentropy – ‘All that Soulja Wants’
Random Physics Audiobook Snippets
Soulja Boy - 'Crank Dat'
Ace of Base - 'All that She Wants'
(2008 Princess Ann Electrotribe Remix)

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Gotta Work Like This’
Amerie - 'Gotta Work'
Mims - 'Like This'
Lil Wayne - 'Go Dj'
*Featured on

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Shut Up n Drop It’
Rihanna - 'Shut Up and Drive'
Huey - 'Pop Lock & Drop It'
Hilary Duff - 'With Love'

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Button Dignity’
Pussycat Dolls - 'Buttons'
Hilary Duff - 'Dignity'

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Switchback or Walkaway’
Celldweller - 'Switchback (2001)'
Paula Deanda - 'Walk Away'

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Burn it Up at Home’
Rooster - 'Home'
R Kelly ft Wysen & Yindell - 'Burn it Up'

DJ Maxentropy – ‘What I've Confused’
Linkin Park - 'What I've Done'
Genesis - 'Land of Confusion'
*Featured on

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Glamorous Ex Gf’
Fergie - 'Glamorous'
Matt Willis - 'Ex-Girlfriend'
*Featured on

DJ Maxentropy – ‘DSMBR Rain in Your Eyes’
Linkin Park - 'My [DSMBR'
Peter Gabriel - 'In Your Eyes'
Peter Gabriel - 'Red Rain'
Genesis - 'Land of Confusion' (Intro)
*Featured on

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Hurts Most Cuz U’
Rascal Flatts - 'What Hurts the Most'
Kelly Clarkson - 'Because of You'
Kelly Clarkson - 'Since U Been Gone'

DJ Maxentropy – ‘A Caribbean Xmash’
Jessica & Ashley Simpson - 'The Little Drummer Boy'
Aquasky vs. Masterblaster - 'Part Skank'
*Included on Winterwondermash 2006

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Crazy Girls’
Buckcherry – ‘Crazy Bitch’
The Prodigy – ‘Girls (TimG Remix)’
*Bootie Monthly Top 10 List

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Short Skirt, London Bridge’

Fergie - 'London Bridge'
Cake - 'Short Skirt, Long Jacket'
*Toronto Star Anti-Hit List
*Bootie Monthly Top 10 List
*Included on Best of Bootie 2006
*Featured on

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Dare to Beep’
Gorillaz – ‘Dare’
Pussycat Dolls – ‘Beep’ 

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Music Has an Invisible Touch’
Dirty Devils – ‘Music Is Life’
Genesis – ‘Invisible Touch’
*Toronto Star Anti-Hit List
*#25 on top 100 "most active" bootlegs of 2006

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Cruel Gallery’
Ace of Base – ‘Cruel Summer’
Mario Vasquez – ‘Gallery’
Mariah Carey ft. Busta Rhymes – ‘I Know What You Want’

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Ain’t No Other Man In My Arms’
Christina Aguilera – ‘Ain’t No Other Man’
Mylo – ‘In My Arms’

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Beastie Boys Spittin’
Beastie Boys – ‘Sure Shot’
Beastie Boys – ‘Body Movin’
The Prodigy – ‘Spitfire’

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Come Block Rockin’
Chemical Brothers - 'Block Rockin Beats'
K7 - 'Come Baby Come'

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Behind This Funky Shit’
Kelly Clarkson – ‘Behind these Hazel Eyes’
The Prodigy – ‘Funky Shit’

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Complicated to Dip it Low’
Avril Lavigne – ‘Complicated’
Christina Milian – ‘Dip It Low’

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Crowded Wit Me & U’

Jeannie Ortega – ‘Crowded’
Cassie – ‘Me & U’
Cherish – ‘Do It to It’
Fergie – ‘London Bridge’

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Don't Phunk With My Fortunate Son’

Creedance Clearwater Revival – ‘Fortunate Son (Live)’
Black Eyed Peas – ‘Don’t Phunk With My Heart’
* recommended

DJ Maxentropy – ‘El Bebe Problems’

Fatboy Slim - 'El Bebe Masoquista'
Jay-Z - '99 Problems'
X-ecutioners - 'It's Goin Down'

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Gone Driving At Night’
Joe Satriani –‘Driving at night’
Kelly Clarkson – ‘Since You Been Gone’

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Gwens Phat Bass’
Gwen Stefani – ‘Hollaback Girl’
DJMaxentropy – ‘Phat Bass’

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Don't Call On Me Baby’
Madison Avenue – ‘Don’t Call Me Baby’
Eric Prydz – ‘Call on Me’

DJ Maxentropy – ‘I Can't Push It’
Genesis/Phil Collins – ‘I Can’t Dance’
Rick Ross – ‘Push It’

DJ Maxentropy – ‘I Miss You Since You've Been Gone’
Kelly Clarkson – ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’
Blink 182 – ‘I Miss You’

DJ Maxentropy – ‘I Think I'm In Love With Diane’
John Cougar Melloncamp – ‘Jack and Diane’
Jessica Simpson – ‘I Think I’m in Love With You’

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Jealousy Inside Robots and Monkeys’
Ordinary Boys – ‘Robots and Monkeys’
Gin Blossoms – ‘Hey Jealousy’
Eve 6 – ‘Inside Out’

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Join Me or Walk Away’
HIM – ‘Join Me (Dance Mix)’
Kelly Clarkson – ‘Walk Away’

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Kure 4 Callin Out Yeah’

Linkin Park – ‘Kyur4 TH Ich”
Lyrics Born – ‘Callin Out’
Usher – ‘Yeah’

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Numb Bodyrock’

Linkin Park & Jay Z – ‘Numb/Encore’
Moby – ‘Bodyrock’

DJ Maxentropy – ‘NumbEncore Whenever’

Linkin Park & Jay Z – ‘Numb/Encore’
Shakira – ‘Whenever Wherever’

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Please Roll’

Maxeen – ‘Please’
Limp Bizkit – ‘Rollin’

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Problems When you Leave Tipsy’

Jay Z – ’99 Problems’
Lumidee – ‘Never Leave You (Uh Oooh, Uh Oooh!)’
J-Kwon – ‘Tipsy’

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Sweet Boomstruck Live’
Guns N Roses - 'Sweet Child O Mine'
Good Charlotte - 'I Just Wanna Live'
POD - 'Boom'
ACDC - 'Thunderstruck'

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Tap That Sound’
Pendulum - 'Sounds of Life'
Megan McCauley - 'Tap That'

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Terminal Body Movin’
The Boondock Saints Soundtrack - 'Terminal Velocity'
Beastie Boys - 'Body Movin'

DJMaxentropy – ‘Too Little Too Terminal’

JoJo - 'Too Little Too Late'
Pendulum - 'Terminal'

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Walk Away Kelly, Michael Wants You (Kelly's Story)’
Kelly Clarkson - 'Walk Away'
Michael Jackson - 'Smooth Criminal'

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Walk Away Kelly, Michael Wants You (Michael's Story)’
Kelly Clarkson - 'Walk Away'
Michael Jackson - 'Smooth Criminal'

DJ Maxentropy – ‘What U Gon Do Awake’

Lil Jon - 'What U Gon Do'
Clay People - 'Awake'

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Where'd You Go Over and Over’
Fort Minor – ‘Where'd You Go’
Nelly – ‘Over and Over’

DJ Maxentropy vs TokenCoolKid – 'The Wild Voodoo Girl Stop'
White Stripes - 'Blue Orchid'
Queen - 'Don't Stop me Now'
The Prodigy - 'Voodoo People'
Gwen Stefani - 'Hollaback Girl'

DJ Maxentropy – ‘Lights Drive the Butterflys Crazy’
5ive – ‘Baby When The Lights Go Out’
Crazy Town – ‘Butterfly’
Fine Young Cannibals – ‘She Drives Me Crazy’